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6 Best Mattresses For RV

The best RV mattress offers comfort and durability, like a memory foam or hybrid type. We’ve collected the favorite RV mattresses of enthusiasts. Let’s check them out!

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Best Mattress for RV

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress

RVers choose Linenspa for rib pain relief, easy setup, and top-notch reliability. Expect superb support, restful sleep, and pain-free mornings.

Expert's Choice

Hey folks, let’s chat about something we all need for our RV adventures: a good mattress! You know those nights when you’re out on the road, and the mattress in your RV just isn’t cutting it? It’s uncomfortable, it’s lumpy, and you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed. Well, fear not! We’re here to help you find the best mattresses for your RV. We’ve done the research to find options that are cozy, supportive, and perfectly sized for your mobile home. 




Linenspa Mattress

Best Overall

Optimal Medium Support

Hybrid Comfort Combination

Both memory foam and springs

Live and Sleep Mattress

Editor’s Choice 

Versatile bed compatibility

Breathable and cool design

Gel-infused memory foam comfort

Best Price Mattress

Best Value

Green Tea Infusion

Harmonious Layering

Memory Foam Luxury

GhostBed Mattress

Best Versatile

Tri-layer sleep comfort

Smart back support foam

Travel-Engineered Design

Zinus Mattress

Best Firm

Foam and Spring Combo

Supportive Layered Design

High weight capacity support

Dynasty Mattress

Most Comfortable 

Gel Memory Foam

Medium-Firm Comfort

Cooling Airflow Design

Feel the best of both worlds with Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress – soft memory foam for coziness and bouncy steel springs for a fresh feel. It fits your body shape and gives support for a super comfy sleep. Enjoy memory foam’s comfort and spring’s energy for a new way to relax on our amazing mattress.

And there’s more to it – it’s not just about comfort; affordability matters too. We truly grasp the significance of value. That’s precisely why the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is crafted using exceptional materials. It doesn’t just offer a splendid sleep, but it’s also built to endure years of escapades. So, you’re not simply receiving a mattress; you’re embarking on countless nights of profoundly cozy sleep, regardless of where your RV journey leads.

Now, let’s talk about that perfect balance between soft and firm – the medium feel. This mattress is like a dream come true – not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Thanks to its smart layering, it gives you support in all the right places, making sure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

No need to figure out how to squeeze a mattress through your RV door. This mattress comes right to your doorstep in a box. Sure, it might take a little time to puff up – think of it as your mattress stretching after a nice nap. Give it 24 to 72 hours, and it’ll be fully ready to make your sleep dreams come true.

Experience uninterrupted sleep on the road with the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress. Designed for RV enthusiasts, its durable hybrid construction and medium feel are perfect for your active lifestyle.

2. Live and Sleep Ultra Short Queen Gel RV Mattress

Imagine sinking into a marshmallow cloud – that’s how comfy this RV mattress is! It’s like a hug for your body with 2.5 inches of Premium Air-Flow Memory Foam, topped by 1 inch of Gel-Infused Visco Memory Foam. These foamy layers love your shape, making those annoying pressure points vanish. Plus, there’s 8.5 inches of High-Density Support Base for a not-too-soft, not-too-hard feel.

No more sweaty nights! The mattress is like a breezy oasis. This mattress made sure it stays fresh with a clever design that lets air flow freely. So, no matter how hot it is outside, you’ll be cool as a cucumber in bed.

Loads of folks love this mattress – over 95% of them, in fact. It’s not just a mattress; it’s a snooze-inducing superhero. The middle part (we call it the core) isn’t too soft or too firm. It’s just right, whether you sleep on your belly, back, or side.

The mattress wears a soft Linen cover that’s comfy and works with any bed setup. Stick it on a bedframe, box spring, or futon. To keep it in tip-top shape, you can use a pad or cover. This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means the mattress is super safe and high-quality.

Designed with love in the USA, the Live and Sleep Ultra RV Mattress gives you 30 days to test it out. And guess what? It comes with a 20-year warranty.

Whether you’re on a box-spring, platform, adjustable frame, or a hard floor, get ready for comfy nights ahead. Elevate your sleep game with the Live and Sleep Ultra RV Mattress – because everyone deserves awesome sleep, no matter where you’re parked!

3. Best Price Mattress 6” Green Tea Memory Foam Short Queen

Imagine sinking into a bed that molds to your body, relieving those pesky pressure points that can make sleeping in an RV less comfortable. With Best Price memory foam composition, this mattress does just that. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, no matter where your camper takes you.

But that’s not all – the memory foam is infused with soothing green tea, which not only calms your senses but also keeps your mattress smelling fresh day after day. This thoughtful touch ensures that your sleeping space remains inviting, even during long journeys.

The magic lies in the perfect blend of memory foam, support foam, and high-density layers. These layers work together in harmony, providing the right balance of support for a peaceful night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling re-energize and ready to hit the road again.

The CertiPUR-US certified foams guarantee your peace of mind, while the cotton-based fire retardant and cozy Poly Jacquard fabric cover make for a secure and comfortable sleep environment.

And here’s the best part – a 10-year warranty that shows how durable and reliable the mattress is. You’re not just buying a good sleep; you’re getting years of comfort for your RV trips.

Its memory foam luxury, combined with the calming benefits of green tea, smart layering, trusted quality, and an extended warranty, all come together to make your RV sleeping experience truly exceptional. 

4. GhostBed 10 Inch RV Mattress Short Queen

Experience the ultimate in sleep comfort with the GhostBed RV mattress. Its tri-layer design, featuring robust support foam, refreshing cooling gel memory foam, and a plush cover, guarantees an exceptional restful journey. No matter your destination, revel in the perfect blend of coziness and support for rejuvenating sleep on the road..

The mattress is just the right size for your RV or camper, with a 10-inch thickness that fits perfectly. It’s like bringing the comfort of your home mattress on the road with you. The GhostBed RV Queen Short mattress is designed to suit all types of sleepers – whether you prefer sleeping on your stomach, back, side, or a mix of these positions.

This mattress has a special center made of really comfy foam. This foam is tough and gentle at the same time. It’s like a superhero for your back, making sure it stays straight while you sleep. You won’t have those annoying pains in your hips and back anymore because of this smart foam.

The foam is super soft but also very strong, hugging your body when you lie down. And it’s not like normal foam – it’s super cool because it doesn’t let your movements bother you or your partner. So, you won’t wake up your partner when you move around at night. You both can sleep peacefully without any worries.

One great thing about the GhostBed RV mattress is that it’s proudly made in the USA and has the CertiPUR-US certification. This means it’s made with quality materials and meets safety standards.

5. Zinus 8 Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress

Get ready to upgrade your RV sleep game with the fantastic ZINUS 8 Inch Foam and Spring RV Mattress in Short Queen Size! This mattress is like a dream come true for your road adventures, promising unmatched comfort and support that’ll make your trips even more enjoyable.

Imagine a mattress that’s not just comfortable but also tough – that’s exactly what you get with this mattress-in-a-box. It’s a magical mix of soft foam and strong springs that create a perfect balance between coziness and support. So, whether you’re lounging or sleeping, this mattress has your back (literally)!

Inside this mattress, there’s a whole party of layers working together to give you the best sleep. The strong steel coils at the core offer unwavering support. Right on top of that, the ViscoLatex foam provides a gentle, contouring sensation that’s sure to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. And to keep everything tough and durable, there’s a layer of high-density foam on the surface.

The cool part? The foam in this mattress is top-notch quality. It’s even CertiPUR-US Certified, which basically means it’s super safe and built to last. 

Setting up the ZINUS mattress is a breeze. Thanks to some nifty technology, it comes neatly packed in a box that’s easy to handle. Just unbox it, unroll it in your RV, and watch the magic happen – within no time, it’ll expand to its full glory and be ready for you to enjoy.

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top: ZINUS is so confident in their creation that they’re offering a 10-year limited warranty. Whether you’re a solo traveler or have a buddy along, this mattress can handle up to 250 lbs for the twin size and up to 500 lbs for the other sizes. That’s a lot of comfort and support right there!

6. DynastyMattress 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam RV Mattress

Measuring 10 inches thick and having a medium-firm feel, this short queen RV mattress is designed to give you a cozy and comfy place to sleep. It’s perfect for both camping trips and regular use, making sure you have a good night’s sleep wherever you go.

The mattress is super adaptable and responsive, thanks to its 4 lbs. of special gel memory foam. This foam molds to your body shape, distributing your weight evenly and taking the pressure off common pain points. Even if you move around in your sleep, your partner won’t be disturbed.

No matter how you like to sleep – on your side, back, or tummy – this mattress has you covered. The gel memory foam also brings a cooling effect, working alongside the mattress’s airflow design to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Taking care of this mattress is easy-peasy. It comes with a luxurious cover that’s really comfortable and can be easily removed. You can even wash it in the machine, which is super convenient when you’re on the road.

You get FREE shipping and a lifetime warranty! This short queen RV mattress is designed to be W72″ x L75″ x H10″. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a great deal and a fantastic mattress.

Whether you’re exploring new places or just enjoying some time in your RV, the Dynasty Mattress is here to make your sleep amazing. 

How to Choose the Best Mattress for RV?

Things to Consider:

  • Size:

RV mattresses come in various sizes, so measure your RV bed space accurately before buying.

  •   Comfort Level:

Look for mattresses that offer the right balance of comfort and support for a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re spending extended periods in your RV.

  • Durability:

RV mattresses should be durable to withstand frequent travel and use. Look for materials known for longevity.

  • Weight:

Consider the weight of the mattress, especially if your RV has weight restrictions. Opt for lightweight materials without compromising on quality.

Pro Tips

  • Memory Foam vs. Innerspring:

Memory foam mattresses are great for comfort and reducing motion transfer, while innerspring mattresses offer more traditional support and breathability.

  • Thickness Matters:

Thicker mattresses generally offer more comfort, but make sure it fits well in your RV without obstructing other furniture or movement.

  • Ventilation:

Look for mattresses with good airflow to prevent heat buildup, especially in warm climates.

Topic Specific Guide

  • Budget-Friendly Options:

Consider budget-friendly mattresses without sacrificing quality. Look for deals or sales from reputable brands. 

  • Space Saving Solutions:

Opt for mattresses that can be compressed or folded for easier storage when not in use.

  • Custom Sizes:

If your RV bed has non-standard dimensions, consider custom-made mattresses for a perfect fit.

Final Words

When it comes to embarking on exciting RV adventures, selecting the best mattress for your mobile home is an absolute game-changer. Our handpicked selection of the best mattresses for RV ensures that you’ll experience the coziest and most comfortable sleep possible while exploring the world on the road.

From memory foam to innerspring hybrids, gel-infused options, and even firm choices for back pain relief, these mattresses cater to a wide range of preferences. They are designed to provide optimal comfort, support, and durability, making them perfect for life on the go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal thickness for an RV mattress typically ranges from 6 to 8 inches. However, personal comfort preferences and available space in your RV should also be considered when choosing the thickness of your mattress.

Not necessarily. While many mattresses can fit in an RV, it’s crucial to consider size constraints, weight limitations, and the specific needs of RV travel to ensure the mattress is suitable for this environment.

Yes, it’s advisable to use a specially designed RV mattress. These mattresses are tailored to fit RV sleeping areas, provide comfort during travel, and are often more durable to withstand the rigors of the road.

Memory foam is a popular choice for RV mattresses due to its comfort and ability to conform to different sleep positions. Gel-infused memory foam can be even better for temperature regulation in an RV.

RV mattresses are typically designed to fit the unique size constraints of RV sleeping areas and may have features like increased portability or temperature regulation. Home mattresses are generally not suitable for RVs due to size and weight differences.