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Five Best Mattresses for Truck Bed in 2024

Upgrade your road trip sleep! We’ve rounded up top truck bed mattresses with expert advice, ensuring excitement, not tossing, on your adventures.

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Best Mattress for Truck Bed

Pittman AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress​

Efficient portable pump enhances comfort, making this truck bed air mattress a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Ever been on a road trip and wished you could get a good night’s sleep in your truck? You’re not alone. Truck drivers and folks living the van life often struggle to rest well because their mattresses aren’t comfy. Spending so many hours driving can lead to tossing and turning, leaving you tired and with a sore back. We understand – we’ve been there too. So, we did some research, talked to experts and fellow travelers, and came up with a list of the best mattresses for truck beds. 




 Pittman Truck Bed Air Mattress

Best Overall

High Weight Capacity

Convenient DC Air Pump

Integrated Air Coil Comfort

Sweetnight Folding Mattress

Most Versatile 


Thermoregulating Comfort

Multipurpose Folding Design

Rightline Air Mattress

Editor’s Pick

Dual Inflation Methods

Space-Saving Design

Durable PVC Material

Umbrauto Air Mattress

Most Popular

High Weight Capacity

Comfortable Wavy Design

Puncture-Proof Material

Losthorizon Camping Mattress

Highly Rated

Easy Inflation Process

Silent and Stable Support

Adjustable Softness Options

Experience a comfortable sleep setup that optimizes your truck bed space with the AirBedz Lite. It fits perfectly around your pick-up’s wheel wells, maximizing your rest area. When fully inflated, it offers a spacious 75″ x 63.5″ x 12″ sleeping area for you to relax and unwind.

This mattress isn’t just your average bedding – it’s crafted with higher grade PVC construction that’s puncture-resistant, ensuring a mattress that’s ready to take on the great outdoors. And, just in case the unexpected happens (because hey, life can be unpredictable), fear not! Each Lite Air Mattress comes equipped with a handy patch kit complete with glue for quick and easy repairs. So, no matter what comes your way, your comfort is covered.

Inflating this mattress is super easy with the portable DC Air Pump. Just plug it into your car’s 12V socket using the 16-foot cord – no hassle. And guess what? We’re throwing in a bag with a shoulder strap, so carrying it around is a breeze.

The integrated air coil system in this mattress does wonders. It spreads your weight evenly on a plush 12-inch thick mattress, giving you a sleep experience like no other. Need a sturdy bed? The Lite mattress can handle up to 800 lbs – tough and cozy.

Airbedz by Pittman Outdoors provides a 1-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Their goal is to make your outdoor adventures exciting and relaxing.

2. Sweetnight Folding Mattress

Here’s  a mattress that’s not just for sleep – it’s a play haven for kids, a cozy sofa for relaxation, and a quick ottoman for those feet-up moments. Whether you’re camping, practicing yoga, or gaming, this foldable mattress has your back. It’s the ultimate space-saving comfort solution.

The breathable mesh cover keeps you fresh, while the 1.5-inch gel-infused foam regulates your body temperature. Add the 2.5-inch bamboo charcoal foam for perfect support and comfort. 

Setting it up? As easy as pie. Carrying it around? A breeze. Storing it? Compact and organized in its nifty bag.

The foam and fabric are gentle on your skin, free from harsh chemicals. A slight new-mattress smell at first is normal. Lightweight and foldable, it’s a reliable travel companion for all your adventures, even in your truck bed. escapades.

Rest assured, the foam and fabric of our twin folding mattress have your comfort covered – they’re super gentle and totally free from any pesky harmful stuff. No matter your age, this mattress has got your back, providing a cozy and safe sleep zone that guarantees you wake up feeling amazing.

The Sweetnight Tri Fold Mattress arrives vacuum-packed, ready to unroll. And with a 3-year warranty. Remember, allow 24 to 72 hours for it to fully expand. Cooler room? Give it a bit more time. Trust us, the comfort payoff is worth it.

3. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Air Mattress

Elevate your camping experience to a whole new level of comfort with the Truck Bed Mattress. Imagine drifting off to sleep under the starry night sky, nestled in the cozy confines of your own vehicle, completely dry and off the ground. This innovative inflatable air mattress is designed to make your outdoor adventures not only memorable but also remarkably restful.

What sets our truck air mattress apart is its intuitive design. With a clever between-the-wheels layout, you can now stow away your gear snugly between the air bed and the truck bed walls. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable encounters with shifting equipment; you won’t roll over on your stuff, and your stuff won’t roll over on you. It’s a hassle-free arrangement that ensures both you and your belongings remain in perfect harmony throughout the night.

Crafted with quality in mind, this inflatable mattress is built to endure. Constructed from heavy-duty PVC, this blow-up mattress is tough enough to withstand the rigors of your truck bed environment. The flocked-top surface adds an extra touch of luxury, while the O-beam support system provides unparalleled comfort for a night of sound sleep.

This camping air mattress brings the comfort of home wherever you go, accommodating 2 adults. It includes everything you need: the inflatable bed, air pump, patch kit, stuff sack, and setup guide. The 12V air pump allows for quick inflation in seconds. If you prefer manual inflation, it also has a mouth valve. No more complicated assembly or exhaustive pumping – this self-inflating air mattress makes setup a breeze.

Tailored to fit truck beds ranging from 5.5′ to 8′ in size, our Truck Bed Mattress is perfect for full-size trucks.

4. Umbrauto Inflatable Truck Bed Air Mattress

Crafted with premium materials, Umbrauto Inflatable Truck Bed Air Mattress is designed to provide unparalleled durability and comfort for your outdoor adventures. 

Constructed from soft flocking material and upgraded 2022 extra thick Oxford fabric, this air mattress is puncture-proof and leak-resistant, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of your journeys. You can rest easy knowing that this mattress is built to last, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor escapades.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the unique wavy pattern of the mattress offers a spacious and comfortable sleeping area. Whether you’re catching some Z’s during a pit stop or settling in for a night under the stars, this mattress provides the perfect sleeping space for a rejuvenating rest.

The included air pump lets you inflate and deflate the mattress effortlessly through your truck’s 12V cigarette lighter. No more struggling with manual pumps or spending too much time on setup – you’ll be ready to relax in no time.

Umbrauto is your trusted partner in the automotive industry, dedicated to providing top-notch products for your outdoor travel needs.The Umbrauto Inflatable Truck Bed Air Mattress is tailored for full-size short truck beds ranging from 5.5 to 5.8 feet, and it comes complete with a pump and carry bag for your convenience.

With an impressive weight capacity of 600 pounds, this inflatable air mattress is more than capable of accommodating 2-3 people, ensuring a cozy and comfortable sleep for everyone. It’s the ideal solution for group camping trips or when you simply want to stretch out and enjoy a little extra space.

Whether you’re camping indoors or outdoors, using a tent or your truck bed, this mattress adapts to your needs. From spontaneous road trips to planned camping excursions, this mattress guarantees adaptable comfort for any occasion.

5. Losthorizon Airsoft Camping Mattress

In the heart of nature, under the stars, your truck bed transforms into a comfy retreat with the Lost Horizon Sleeping Pad – the go-to choice for making your truck bed an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

Imagine resting on a plush 4.5-inch thick mattress, like a gentle cloud embracing you. This sleeping pad, filled with 12-pound foam, isn’t just for dreaming but for waking up refreshed for your daily adventures. With a sturdy weight capacity of 440 pounds, it’s designed for everyone, promising a peaceful night’s sleep for all.

It’s the smart combo of foam and air, letting you tailor your sleep haven. Adjust it just right and enjoy a slumber personalized for you. Goodbye to tossing and turning! The mattress inside has smart air and foam that spread out evenly, so no more uncomfortable spots.

Tired of noisy midnight moves? The Lost Horizon pad is your solution. It’s silent and sturdy, keeping your nighttime shifts quiet. Unlike regular air mattresses that can get squeaky, this innovation ensures peaceful rest, no matter how much you move.

Pumping up this mattress? Easy! Twist the valve, and boom – your comfy bed is set. Need to pack? Use the electric pump (if you have it) for quick deflation. Takes a bit more time to pack, but oh so cozy!

And weather worries? Not here. This pad laughs at chilly temps with its impressive R-value of 13. Spring, summer, fall, or winter – your sleep stays cozy all year.

At Lost Horizon, you’ll create great memories, not just stuff. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Mattress for Your Truck Bed

Choosing the best mattress for your truck bed doesn’t have to be a headache. With our comprehensive buying guide and expert tips, you’ll be on your way to restful nights on the road.

Things to Consider

  • Comfort Level: 

Prioritize comfort. Look for a mattress that provides the right balance of support and softness for a good night’s sleep on the road.

  • Material and Durability: 

Check the mattress material for durability. A tough and long-lasting mattress can withstand the wear and tear of life on the road.

  • Temperature Regulation: 

Look for mattresses with features that help regulate temperature, ensuring you stay comfortable in various weather conditions.

Pro Tips for a Restful Sleep on the Road

  • Invest in Quality:

Don’t compromise on the quality of your mattress. A good investment upfront can pay off in the form of better sleep and improved well-being.

  • Regular Cleaning:

Keep your mattress clean. Regularly airing it out and using mattress protectors can extend its lifespan.

  • Consider Your Sleeping Style:

If you have a preferred sleeping position, choose a mattress that provides adequate support for that position.

Topic Specific Guide

  • Size Guide:

Understand how to measure your truck bed for the perfect mattress fit.

  • Portability:

Opt for a mattress that is easy to roll up or fold, making it convenient for storage when not in use.

  • Brand Reviews: 

Check out our reviews on popular mattress brands tailored for truck beds.

Final Words

When choosing the best mattress for your truck bed, consider the size, thickness, and material. Memory foam and air mattresses are popular choices that provide comfort and support. Make sure to measure your truck bed to get the right size mattress. A good mattress will allow you to sleep soundly on your next camping trip or road adventure. With the right mattress, your truck bed can be transformed into a cozy sleeping space. Sweet dreams on the open road! Let us know if you have any other questions about finding the perfect mattress for your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a mattress for your truck bed, consider factors like size, comfort, durability, and ease of storage. Make sure the mattress you select fits your specific truck bed dimensions and suits your comfort preferences for a good night’s sleep during your outdoor adventures.
The size of the mattress that fits in a truck bed depends on the dimensions of the truck bed itself. Common truck bed mattress sizes include twin, full, and queen, with dimensions ranging from approximately 38″ x 75″ to 60″ x 80″. It’s essential to measure your truck bed accurately to ensure a proper fit for your chosen mattress size.
Yes, you can put a mattress in a truck bed. There are specially designed truck bed mattresses available that fit the dimensions of various truck beds, providing a comfortable sleeping option for outdoor adventures.

In a truck bed, you can sleep on a specially designed truck bed mattress, which is designed to fit the dimensions of your truck bed and provide a comfortable sleeping surface for outdoor adventures. These mattresses are made to be durable, portable, and well-suited for the unique space and conditions of a truck bed.