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Best Mattresses for Hypermobility

8 Best Mattresses for Hypermobility in 2024

For hypermobility, consider a medium-firm mattress with good support to maintain spinal alignment and minimize joint strain.

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Best Mattress for hypermobility

Novilla 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam King Mattress

Customers love Novilla mattress for its quality, comfort, and value. It’s supportive yet plush, perfect for side sleeping. The cool sleep technology ensures a comfortable night’s rest. Plus, it eases back pain with targeted support.

Expert's Choice

Introducing the best mattresses for hypermobility! If you deal with hypermobility, the right mattress can make a huge difference in how you feel. We’ve done the homework to bring you eight top-notch mattresses tailored to meet your needs. These mattresses are built to give great support, ease pressure points, and help you get a cozy night’s sleep. They’re designed with the challenges of hypermobility in mind, so you can rest easy.

From cooling technology to motion isolation, each mattress offers a unique set of features and benefits to cater to various sleep preferences and mobility concerns. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or someone who tends to toss and turn, our list has options to suit your specific requirements.




Novilla Mattress

Best Overall

4-Layer All-Foam System

Pressure-Relieving Design

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

 Casper Mattress 

Amazon’s Choice

Resilient Spring Support

Breathable AirScape Foam

Innovative Zoned Support 

Sleep Innovations Mattress

For All Sleepers


Medium Firm

Cooling Technology

LUCID Mattress

Budget Friendly

Universal Comfort Profile

Safety-Certified Materials

Cooling Gel-Infused Foam

 Sleep Innovations Mattress 2 

Editor’s Pick

Motion Isolation

Cooling Gel Foam

Triple-Layer Construction

Sweetnight Mattress

Best Cooling

Plush pillow-top design

Individually wrapped coils

Gel-infused memory foam

Purple Mattress

Top Rated

GelFlex Grid Technology

Hypoallergenic Materials

Temperature-Neutral Design

Nectar Mattress

Best Value

Pressure Point Relief

Versatile Sleep Positions

Gel Memory Foam Technology

First things first, let’s talk about staying cool and comfy. This mattress is designed with a 4-layer all-foam system that’s all about keeping you chill. The top layer is a gel-infused memory foam that’s like an AC for your bed. It keeps you cool all night long. And guess what? There’s an egg crate-designed foam layer that makes sure there’s plenty of airflow. Plus, the mattress cover is made with bamboo fabrics that make it even more breathable. So, no more waking up all sweaty!

This mattress is a pro at relieving those pesky aches and pains. It’s got four different foam layers, including gel memory foam and comfort foam. They work together to take away the pressure and hug your body just right. And there are two layers of high-density foam that give you the support you need for a perfectly aligned spine. No more sagging or rolling off your bed, whether you sleep alone or with a partner.

Now, let’s talk about safety. We care about your well-being, so this mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified. That means it’s free from yucky stuff like formaldehyde, mercury, and heavy metals. The mattress cover is made of skin-friendly rayon fabric, so it’s super soft to the touch.

It comes rolled up and compressed in a box. Just follow the instructions, and within 72 hours, it’ll puff up and be ready for your sleepy adventures. It fits all kinds of bed frames, even if you’re going floor-level with your setup.

And here’s the cherry on top: a 100-day free trial! Yep, you can try it out risk-free. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty, so you know it’s built to last.

So, if you’re looking for a mattress that’s comfy, cool, and kind to your body, the Novilla King Size Mattress is your new bedtime BFF.

2. Casper Sleep Queen Hybrid Mattress

Are you tired of restless nights and waking up with aches and pains? Casper has your back, literally. We’re reimagining sleep from the ground up, and our Casper Original Hybrid mattress is here to prove it.

Their sleep products are designed in-house by award-winning research and development team. There is expertise in creating a truly remarkable mattress. Let’s dive into what makes the Casper Original Hybrid mattress so special.

The Casper Original Hybrid mattress features three layers of premium foam that provide unparalleled comfort. The innovative support system combines the best of both worlds: foam’s plushness and springs’ lift. 

Say goodbye to waking up with a sore back or stiff shoulders. The Zoned SupportTM system is a game-changer. It’s designed to align your spine, offering a softer feel under your shoulders and firmer support around your hips, waist, and lower back. Now you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

Tired of night sweats and discomfort? The top layer, made of AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam, increases airflow and circulates air throughout the mattress. You’ll stay cool and cosy all night long.

Its Eco-friendly cover is made with recycled materials. It’s designed to withstand years of use to enjoy your Casper mattress for a long time. The knit mattress cover even has a four-way stretch, ensuring you feel the full benefits of the layers beneath.

Choosing this mattress is a big decision. That’s why you’ll get a 100-night trial and free returns. Rest easy knowing that if the Casper Original Hybrid isn’t your perfect match, you can return it hassle-free.

In summary, the Casper Original Hybrid mattress is a revolution in sleep technology. It’s designed to provide you with the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, with comfort, support, and sustainability in mind. 

3. Sleep Innovations Queen Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in Queen size is an awesome choice for everyone, especially if you have hypermobility. Here’s why it’s a great pick in super easy terms:

The mattress has special memory foam that’s 3 inches thick. It helps you sleep better by being really gentle on your body and making sure you don’t feel any pressure points. Then, there’s another layer that’s also 3 inches thick. This one helps keep you cool and comfy by letting air move around. Underneath it all, there’s a strong base that makes sure the mattress lasts a long time and stays steady. And to top it all off, the cover is super soft and feels amazing to touch. It’s like a cozy, durable, and comfy package just waiting for you to relax on.

This mattress is super comfy, not too hard or too soft. It’s just right, so your body feels good, and your joints don’t hurt. Plus, it has a special feature to keep you cool while you sleep, so you won’t wake up all sweaty. Whether you sleep on your tummy, back, or side, this mattress is comfy for you. It makes sure your body doesn’t feel any uncomfortable spots.

If you move a lot while you sleep, don’t worry. This mattress stops your movements from bothering your partner, so they can sleep well too. It’s also easy to get in and out of bed because the edges are supportive. This helps a lot if you have hypermobility or find it hard to move in and out of bed comfortably. With this mattress, you can have a good night’s sleep without interruptions and easily get in and out of bed, which makes bedtime super comfortable.

It’s made without any yucky chemicals, and it’s proudly made in the USA. Great for folks with hypermobility who are extra careful about what they use.You get a 10-year warranty, which means it’s built to last. That’s like having a guarantee that it will stay awesome for a really long time.

In short, the Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress keeps you cool, reduces joint pain, and ensures a good night’s sleep. Plus, it’s safe and built to last, making it a top choice for people dealing with hypermobility. Sleep tight!

4. LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Medium

Introducing the LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – a package of comfort, convenience, and coolness. What sets this mattress apart? Let’s talk tech. It’s infused with cooling gel and bamboo charcoal. Translation? You stay cool and fresh all night long. No more tossing and turning in a sweaty mess – this mattress keeps you comfy and dry.

But wait, there’s more! The magic is in the memory foam. Layers of plushness that hug your body just right, like a gentle embrace from a cloud. No more pesky pressure points, and welcome sweet relief for your back and joints.

And here’s the best part: it comes in three feels. Whether you’re a side snoozer, a stomach sleeper, or a back rester, there’s a feel that’s just right for you. It’s like Goldilocks testing out beds, but without the bears.

LUCID mattresses are designed to help you sleep comfortably. They have tiny holes in the memory foam layer to let air flow through, making them cooler and more breathable. Plus, they come in a box that’s easy to carry and set up, so you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting or complicated assembly.

But hold on, we’re not done yet. This mattress isn’t just comfy, it’s reliable too. Certified to the highest standards, you can trust it to keep you cozy for years to come. Plus, with a 10-year warranty, you can sleep easy knowing you’re covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Say hello to your new sleep BFF – the LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and coolness. Sweet dreams await!

5. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations Marley 10 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed to provide the best sleep experience for those seeking a refreshing and supportive night’s rest. With its triple-layer construction, cooling gel foam, and eco-conscious design, it’s a top choice for a comfortable and restorative sleep.

First, let’s talk about the construction of this queen-size memory foam mattress. It boasts a triple-layer design that includes a soft knit cover, medium-firm support layer, and responsive pressure relief layer. This combination ensures that you’ll experience both support and comfort, no matter your preferred sleep position—whether you’re a stomach, back, or side sleeper.

One of the standout features of the Marley mattress is its cooling technology. It’s equipped with cooling gel foam and an airflow channel, enhancing breathability throughout the night. Say goodbye to tossing and turning due to overheating; this mattress keeps you cool and comfortable, ensuring you wake up refreshed.

Moreover, this mattress offers support and comfort tailored to your needs. It features motion isolation, meaning you won’t feel your partner’s movements during the night. The edge support ensures you have a stable and secure sleep surface, even if you tend to sleep near the edge of the bed. Plus, the breathable comfort layer keeps you cozy without trapping heat.

 The Marley mattress is made in the USA and Mexico, adhering to rigorous quality standards. All of their memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that you’re sleeping on high-quality, safe materials.

In conclusion, the Sleep Innovations Marley 10 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent choice for a wide range of sleepers, including those with hypermobility concerns. While it’s not explicitly designed for hypermobility, its medium-firm support, cooling technology, and pressure-relief capabilities can provide the comfort and support needed for a restful night’s sleep. Plus, with its 10-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in a quality mattress that will provide years of comfortable sleep.

6. Sweetnight Queen Mattress in a Box

The Sweetnight Queen Mattress in a Box is a fantastic solution for those seeking a comfortable and supportive sleep experience without the hassle of buying a separate box spring and frame. This 12-inch plush pillow-top hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds with gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils to provide you with a refreshing and restful night’s sleep.

Simply unbox it, and you can watch it decompress. You can even speed up the process by jumping, walking, or sleeping on it. No complicated assembly required, which means more time for you to enjoy your new mattress.

One of the standout features of this Sweetnight mattress is its gel-infused memory foam. This advanced technology helps regulate body temperature, ensuring you sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

In terms of support, the individually wrapped coils offer motion isolation, meaning you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night. This feature can be especially beneficial for individuals with hypermobility concerns, as it provides stable and uninterrupted sleep.

The Sweetnight Queen Mattress boasts a plush feel, providing the perfect balance of softness and support. It’s made with high-density foam for lasting durability and pressure relief. The pillow-top design adds an extra layer of comfort, making it suitable for various sleep positions.

This mattress is designed for both adults and kids, and its dimensions (80″L x 60″W x 12″Th) make it a spacious choice for a queen-size bed. The grey color and pocketed coil construction add a touch of style and functionality.

In conclusion, the Sweetnight  offers a well-rounded sleep solution, making it suitable for individuals dealing with hypermobility concerns. While it may not be explicitly designed for hypermobility, its plush feel, gel memory foam, and motion-isolating coils can provide the comfort and support needed for a restful night’s sleep. Plus, the convenience of receiving everything you need in one package makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience.

7. Purple Queen Mattress

The Purple Mattress, a remarkable innovation in sleep technology, offers a superior sleeping experience that extends beyond the boundaries of conventional memory foam mattresses. Designed to provide exceptional cushioning and support, this Queen-sized mattress is a game-changer for anyone seeking unparalleled comfort.

The standout feature of the Purple Mattress is its GelFlex Grid technology, offering a generous 2-inch layer of support. This grid-like structure is engineered to cradle pressure points such as hips and shoulders, promoting healthy alignment of your spine and ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and free from aches and pains.

One of the most significant challenges for individuals dealing with hypermobility is maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The Purple Mattress addresses this concern with over 1,400 air channels integrated into the temperature-neutral Grid. Paired with breathable foams in the base, this mattress ensures that you remain cool and comfortable, reducing the risk of overheating and night sweats.

Responsiveness is another crucial aspect for those with hypermobility. The GelFlex Grid within the Purple Mattress responds instantly to your movements. Whether you’re adjusting your sleeping position or repositioning throughout the night, this mattress flexes to support you, maintaining optimal comfort and support.

Health considerations are paramount, especially for those with allergies. The Purple Mattress is a hypoallergenic option, crafted from recyclable, food-grade, and food contact-grade materials. It holds CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certifications, ensuring you’re sleeping on a safe and clean surface.

Furthermore, this mattress is proudly made in the USA, utilizing American-made materials. The manufacturing process employs cutting-edge machinery designed by Purple themselves, guaranteeing the highest quality standards are met.

In conclusion, the Purple Mattress is an exceptional choice for individuals with hypermobility concerns. Its unique GelFlex Grid technology, temperature-neutral design, responsiveness, and hypoallergenic features make it a compelling option. While it may not be explicitly marketed for hypermobility, these attributes collectively contribute to a supportive and restorative sleep experience, essential for those with unique mobility needs. Experience the future of sleep with the Purple Mattress, where comfort and support meet innovation.

8. Nectar California King Mattress

Introducing the Nectar California King Mattress 12 Inch – Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam, a sleep solution that goes above and beyond the ordinary. This mattress is all about making your sleep experience truly exceptional, with comfort, support, and innovation at its core. Here’s why it’s the best choice for individuals dealing with hypermobility:

We understand that finding the perfect mattress can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with hypermobility. That’s why we offer an industry-leading 365-night trial period. You can sleep on it in all four seasons, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional mattress shopping. With Nectar, all you need to do is move the box to your desired room, unbox, and unroll the mattress. Within 24 hours, your Nectar mattress will expand to its full potential, ready to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience.

Nectar features advanced gel memory foam technology, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep surface, perfect for those who tend to get too warm. It conforms to every curve of your body, providing personalized support and relieving pressure points, which is especially important for individuals with hypermobility.

This mattress boasts five layers of luxury and support. The heat-wicking quilted cover with cooling technology keeps you cool and comfortable. Below that, the gel memory foam cradles your body for a restful night’s sleep. The dynamic response transition layer provides tailored support, adapting to your body’s unique needs.

No matter how you sleep—whether it’s on your side, back, stomach, or if you tend to toss and turn—Nectar offers the ideal balance of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort. It’s a versatile solution for those with hypermobility who require adaptable support.

This mattress boasts an unwavering Forever Warranty, ensuring its quality and durability for as long as you own it, a testament to its excellence.

In short, the Nectar California King Mattress is a game-changer for individuals dealing with hypermobility. With its exceptional comfort, cooling technology, and long-lasting support, it provides the perfect sleep solution to meet your unique needs. 

Buying Guide for Best Mattress for Hypermobility

  • Supportive Structure:

Look for mattresses with firmness levels that provide ample support to prevent excessive movement during sleep.

  • Pressure Relief:

Opt for mattresses with features like memory foam or gel-infused layers to alleviate pressure points, which can be particularly beneficial for hypermobile joints.

  • Motion Isolation:

Choose a mattress with good motion isolation properties to minimize disturbance caused by partner movements, promoting better sleep quality.

  • Durability:

Consider mattresses made of high-quality materials that withstand frequent movements and maintain their shape over time.

  • Breathability:

Ensure the mattress promotes airflow to prevent overheating, as temperature regulation can affect comfort and sleep quality.

Pro Tips for Hypermobility.

  • Test out mattresses in-store whenever possible to gauge comfort and support.
  • Look for mattresses with adjustable firmness levels to cater to individual preferences.
  • Invest in mattress protectors to prolong the lifespan of your mattress and maintain hygiene.


Looking for the best mattresses if you have hypermobility? We’ve got you covered with our list of the Best Mattresses for Hypermobility. We understand that hypermobility can make sleep tricky, so we’ve picked out these mattresses to help you find the most comfy and supportive one.

These mattresses are designed to give you great support, ease pressure points, and make sure you sleep well, even if you have hypermobility. They come with cool features like staying cool at night and stopping movements from bothering you. No matter if you sleep on your back, side, or tummy, our list has options for you.

We’ve taken a close look at each mattress’s features, good points, and not-so-good points to help you pick the right one. 


Hypermobility can worsen due to factors like excessive physical strain or repetitive joint movements, which can lead to increased joint instability and pain. Poor posture and lack of proper muscle support can also exacerbate hypermobility-related symptoms.

Yes, a medium-firm to firm mattress is generally better for hypermobility as it provides better support for joints and helps maintain proper spinal alignment. However, individual preferences may vary, so testing different firmness levels is advisable.

The best mattress for hypermobility is typically a medium-firm to firm mattress with good support to maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce joint pain. Memory foam or latex mattresses are often recommended for pressure relief and comfort.

To sleep comfortably with hypermobility, use a supportive mattress, place pillows strategically for joint support, and consider using a body pillow to maintain proper spinal alignment. Additionally, avoid sleeping in extreme positions that strain your joints.